In cooperation with our partner “Yoga:Ja” Judit Ambrus, we offer our guests the opportunity to experience a very private yoga session (duration 90 minutes).

Body and mind are one and influence each other. Hatha yoga aims to overcome the tensions and limitations of the body so that life energy can circulate. The postures (asanas) stimulate the circulation and cleanse the body so that it is freed from diseases and toxins. They strengthen bones and muscles, correct poor posture and improve breathing. We are usually unaware of our breath, but the breath reflects our physical and mental condition with great accuracy.

Judit says: “In a 1:1 class, we can respond well to you and use yoga therapeutically for your needs. Through targeted yoga exercises, complaints such as back pain, tension can be alleviated, or misalignments can be corrected. Psychological ailments such as depression and anxiety disorders can also be alleviated with the help of yoga therapy.”

Book your personal yoga session directly with Judit, which will then, on your agreed date, take place in Judi’s yoga studio in Biberwier. The studio is within walking distance of our houses (Gernot Langes-Swarovski Str.10). It doesn’t get any more private and relaxed than this!

Judit has everything you need in place, youcan get started right away and enjoy the 90-minute session either alone or together with your friends/family/partner (up to 6 people). The fee of 90 euros (per unit for 1 – 6 people) will be collected by Judit herself, directly after the yoga session.

Please arrange your personal yoga appointment by phone (+43 676 6563314) or by e-mail: Details can be found on Judith’s homepage.


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