50 Years of Haus Martha – Our Chronicle

The history of “Haus Martha” began more than 50 years ago, in 1967 to be precise, when Martha happened to learn that there was a wonderful large plot of land for sale in today’s Nöbele district in Biberwier. It was immediately clear to her that this beautiful spot on earth should one day delight many people! So the idea of their own guesthouse was born and the purchase was immediately initiated. At that time, there was still a small, already very dilapidated half-timbered house here.

Newly in love, Martha and Herbert began building their dream home in 1969.

For the next two years, enormous muscle strength and energy invested in the new home with 6 guest rooms. It was a good thing that Herbert was a specialist and, after his daily work “on the construction site”, also made strong progress with the construction of his own house. Of course, they also worked together every weekend for the dream of owning their own home.

Punctually to Christmas 1971 Martha and Herbert, together with 8-year-old Otto (Martha’s son from her first marriage) first time staying in the new house. Of course, the first guest room rented on the upper floor.

Anyone who thinks that they have now rested is far from it. It was continued to work diligently and so in the year In 1972 on the second floor there were three double bedrooms with bathrooms and the spacious beautiful wooden balcony around the house.


They married in May 1973 and their daughter Moni was born in the same year.


Furthermore Herbert worked every day in the evenings and on weekends in the embellishment of “Haus Martha” indoors and outdoors. In the summer, for example, 1975 the first advertising medium, a postcard, to be printed.


Even in winter, “Haus Martha” was very popular with the holiday guests, most of whom came from Germany.

In the 1960s, the two Marienberg T-bar lifts (sections 1 and 2) were built. At that time, the T-bar lift section 2 was the longest T-bar lift in Austria. Today, you can take the double chairlift to the mountain station at this point in summer and winter.

Subsequently, the ski area was expanded to include the Joch and Alm lifts as well as the summer toboggan run. As early as 1985, six snow cannons and thus built the first snow-making system in the ski area. The fun on the slopes during the winter holiday was thus largely assured.

In the summer of 1977, their son Harald was born. Martha now lovingly cared for her three children as well as the countless beloved guests from near and far. Some of the guests from the early years of the “Haus Martha” still come to visit today, 50 years later, and have long since become welcome regular guests.

Every year in spring, Martha was at her best at the sight of flower troughs and balcony boxes. In 1979, her passion for flowers was even crowned with the award of first place in the “Flower and Garden Competition” of the tourist board.

Martha’s splendour of flowers on the balcony, in the garden and in the driveway can be admired extensively from spring to late autumn.

The three children grew and thrived and, of course, were also present at the countless cozy barbecue parties .

Throughout the summer, the garden became an outdoor kitchen and Herbert served his guests a whole range of delicacies.

As a trained butcher, no one could compete with him on the grill so quickly and the whole house enjoyed his grilled specialties, from chops to whole roasts to fish. Of course, neither Martha’s coveted potato salad nor her moist apricot cake were to be missed.

In winter, they even built their own snow bar in the garden on New Year’s Eve!

In addition to so much enjoyment, of course, sporting activities were not to be missed. Martha, Herbert and the children climbed many mountain peaks with their guests and enjoyed the unique nature in the Tyrolean mountains together with them.

Herbert’s highlight was the tour to the Höllkopf over the Schachtkopf, Martha raved about the tour over the Ehrwalder Alm to the Tajatörl.

Too Martha’s Musical Talent (she was a member of the church choir in Biberwier for over 30 years) did not leave her children Monika and Harald unscathed. Both have played several instruments since childhood and are both involved in the Bürgermusikkapelle (Harald as chairman) as well as at the Choir (Monika as director).

Of course, there wasn’t much time for their own vacation. On one hand, the Family Holidays of Martha, Herbert, and the children. Nevertheless, the beautiful memories of holidays together at Lake Millstatt in Carinthia, in Schruns in the Montafon or in Cesenatico in Italy remained in everyone’s memory. During the family holidays of the Schennach family, long-time dear regular guests looked after “Haus Martha”.

In addition to her daily tasks such as raising children, running her own household and running the guest house, Martha was bursting with energy countless shuttle services. No matter if her guests had to be picked up from the airport or train station, Munich, Innsbruck or Garmisch, Martha was always on time. In addition, she also acted as a “tour guide” for friends, long-time guests and went on excursions with them to Lake Constance or Lake Wolfgang, Pitztal or Hintertux Glacier, Verona or Lake Garda and much, much more.

In the evenings, they met daily in the common room to enjoy playing card or board games together or simply chatting and spending a cozy evening together. In addition to fantastic Rummikub evenings (every table in the room was occupied), a real knitting fanaticism had also broken out for a while. Of course, there were also many fun and extensive carnival, New Year’s Eve and birthday parties as well as numerous Guest tributes to which Martha did not miss the opportunity to individual poems for the respective guests of honour to write.

Of course, year after year, something has always been spruced up, modernized and renewed. In 1994, the first major renovation took place: five of the nine double rooms were converted into three apartments . This year, TVs also moved into every apartment and room.

In 1996/97 his son Otto added his own house to “Haus Martha”. Today he lives there with his wife Karin and two sons. On the upper floor there is “Chalet Haus Martha” – the large apartment for 9 people, run by Karin and Otto.
In 2004 , Harald and his partner Anette built their own home in Biberwier, today’s “RESIDENCE Haus Martha” with two modern apartments on the upper floor.

“RESIDENCE Haus Martha” is only a few minutes’ walk away from the Marienberg valley station and is very popular with guests.

In autumn 2007 , Harald married his Anette. Soon after, the happiness of the four of them was perfect.

In the 2000s, Martha and Herbert’s six grandchildren were born. All of them live in the immediate vicinity of Biberwier and have a very close relationship with grandma and grandpa.

In 2010 it was time for another Major renovation in the main building “Haus Martha”. Now all windows have been replaced, the whole house has been newly thermally insulated and converted to an environmentally friendly pellet heating system.

In 2015, Harald and Anette took over “Haus Martha” and rebuilt it almost every year. First, in the same year, the two double rooms and the spacious balcony were renovated.

In 2016 , the roof was raised and the new apartments “ Grünstein” and “Wetterstein” with the fragrant pine beds were built on the upper floor. In addition, in the garden, the Infrared deep heat cabin made of Swiss pine wood installed for free use by all guests.

In 2018, it was the turn of the apartment “Wannig” and the “Zirben Zimmer”. The large-scale use of the wonderful solid pine wood was very well received by the guests.

In the meantime, the soothing atmosphere of the stone pine has been used throughout the house and the name “ZIRBENNEST” for the main house “Haus Martha” was introduced in 2019 . Now there was ZIRBENNEST Haus Martha, RESIDENCE Haus Martha and CHALET Haus Martha.Martha

In 2020 , the Apartment “Marienberg” it’s your turn. Here you can find the largest proportion of pine wood in the house. The unique scent upon entering the apartment is immediately perceptible.

In the summer of 2021, the parking lot of ZIRBENNEST Haus Martha was generously expanded and the terrace was redesigned.

The RESIDENCE Haus Martha has also undergone a major renovation this year. The apartment Grubigstein” with 85m² and its own infrared pine cabin in the interior was completely rebuilt.

Apartment Grubigstein Residence Martha

Apartment Sonnenspitze was completely renovated and Apartment Zugspitze got a new, spacious terrace with infrared pine cabin in addition to a modernization of the interior.

2022 Apartment Sonnenspitze was completely renovated and Apartment Zugspitze got a new, spacious terrace with infrared pine cabin in addition to a modernization of the interior. The wonderful private garden area of Apartment Grubigstein has also been completed.

In addition, the Outdoor area with garden, sunbathing lawn and playground completely renewed in summer 2022. Thus, our RESIDENCE Haus Martha now shines from the outside in wonderful new splendor!


Substantial investments were also made in energy-saving measures in the spirit of sustainability . A photovoltaic system, an e-charging station for e-bikes and cars as well as a solar system have been installed at RESIDENCE Martha .


In 2023 , another major renovation was carried out at ZIRBENNEST Martha . Two new apartments and a reception area are being built, the breakfast room is completely “turned inside out” and now invites you to a wonderful breakfast wrapped in the scent of Swiss pine.

Anette and Harald are justifiably proud of the newly created feel-good atmosphere!


The digital presence was also completely revamped in 2023: new logo, new homepage, new layout in social media and our newsletter “Martha Urlaubspost” and much more…


And who knows what else we’ll come up with over the next few years. Stay tuned! We’ll keep you posted!

The high quality standard and the warm and loving interaction with all guests it is important that the Proportion of regular guests in the “Haus Martha” so high is. Than passionate hosts, it is particularly important to them that the heartfelt, sincere hospitality – in the truest sense of the word – is really noticeable.

In 2022, our RESIDENCE Martha was even awarded 4 Edelweiss by the Private Landlords’ Association!

At the end of 2023, the certification of ZIRBENNEST Martha followed – we were very happy to receive 4 Edelweiss Superior!

The fact that this is also well received by the guests can be seen from the numerous extremely positive reviews and the countless enthusiastic letters of thanks from the guests.

From the cleanliness to the tasteful furnishings of the apartments, from the leisurely breakfast – personally served by Herbert – to individual hiking and excursion tips – with us our guests lack nothing!

Today, ZIRBENNEST Martha Martha and RESIDENCE Martha are equally popular with young and old. Whether it’s a romantic holiday with private wellness pleasure, a sporty active holiday or a cosy family holiday – everyone is sure to find the right apartment in one of the two houses and can relax in the middle of the Tyrolean mountains and enjoy a wonderful dream holiday!

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Apartment Sonnenspitze

over 50m² of cosiness | a separate bedroom | Shower/WC | comfortable sitting area with pull-out couch for 2 people | Stone pine infrared lounger in the living room | large panoramic glazing in the living area | two spacious balconies (south and east side) | TV with SAT | fully equipped kitchen

Apartment Grubigstein

completely NEW apartment | 85m² spacious living | two separate bedrooms | spacious bathroom with shower and toilet | separate WC | comfortable sitting area with pull-out couch | Stone pine wellness cabin with infrared deep warming loungers | a large newly landscaped private garden area | two flat screen TVs with satellite reception | fully equipped kitchen

Apartment Zugspitze

almost 80m² feel-good atmosphere | NEW: Stone pine cabin with infrared deep heat in the new large west-facing terrace area with lounge corner | two separate bedrooms (1x with pull-out sofa) | two separate bathrooms with shower/WC | a sitting area with pull-out sofa in the living areaLarge panoramic glazing in the living area | a spacious north-facing balcony, two flat screen TVs with satellite reception | fully equipped kitchen