Our Dogs – House Rules

We are happy that you have chosen our house for your stay and want to spend a few wonderful days with us with your four-legged friends. Hygiene and care have a high priority in our house, which should benefit you – but also the guests after you.

Your dog is very welcome, but we would like to draw your attention to our special dog house rules. Please note the following important points:

Liability insurance

Dogs must be insured accordingly. The owner is responsible for any damage his dog causes to other guests or to the facility.


Please understand that we only accept well-behaved, well-groomed and house-trained dogs with a friendly nature in our house. As a dog owner, you have to be considerate of guests who are not familiar with dogs. In the generally accessible areas of our house (including parking lot and garden) there is an obligation to keep dogs on a leash without exception, as well as for fighting dogs and breeds classified as dangerous, a muzzle obligation for all four-legged friends without exception. Please also note that your dog does not mark anything and does not bother other guests by barking.

Accommodation in an apartment

Please bring your own sleeping accommodation for your darling (preferably a dog basket, a dog blanket or a lockable sleeping box). Our guest beds, couches and benches are absolutely off-limits to dogs. The hotel’s own towels are not available for four-legged friends. Please bring your own towels to dry your dog.

Going for a walk

When you return from the walk, please dry and clean your dog before entering our house and remember to keep the dog leash during your hike as well. Releasing a dog within our garden is not permitted. We ask you to make use of fecal bags. Please always dispose of the excrement properly when walking and hiking. Other hikers also have a right to faece-free paths and meadows, especially for our farmers, faece-free feed meadows are very important.


Our accommodation price per dog is exclusive of food and only covers a small part of the costs incurred by the thorough special final cleaning. If your room is more soiled than average by your dog, we will charge a one-time, additional final cleaning fee of min. € 100,- (or up to the amount of the costs actually incurred by us)

We wish you and your four-legged friends a nice and relaxing holiday in our house.


Thank you very much for your understanding!

The Schennach family

Apartment Sonnenspitze

over 50m² of cosiness | a separate bedroom | Shower/WC | comfortable sitting area with pull-out couch for 2 people | Stone pine infrared lounger in the living room | large panoramic glazing in the living area | two spacious balconies (south and east side) | TV with SAT | fully equipped kitchen

Apartment Grubigstein

completely NEW apartment | 85m² spacious living | two separate bedrooms | spacious bathroom with shower and toilet | separate WC | comfortable sitting area with pull-out couch | Stone pine wellness cabin with infrared deep warming loungers | a large newly landscaped private garden area | two flat screen TVs with satellite reception | fully equipped kitchen

Apartment Zugspitze

almost 80m² feel-good atmosphere | NEW: Stone pine cabin with infrared deep heat in the new large west-facing terrace area with lounge corner | two separate bedrooms (1x with pull-out sofa) | two separate bathrooms with shower/WC | a sitting area with pull-out sofa in the living areaLarge panoramic glazing in the living area | a spacious north-facing balcony, two flat screen TVs with satellite reception | fully equipped kitchen